domenica 4 giugno 2017

a.a.v.v. - blastbeats over italy

1-CxIxB - Love my life pt.1 
2-CxIxB - The biggest nuthouse 
3-CxIxB - Love my life pt.2 
4-Always Never Fun - Social network addicted 
5-Always Never Fun - All down
6-Always Never Fun - Cheap talk 
7-Always Never Fun - When will we learn? 
8-xDELOREANx - Plutonium 
9-xDELOREANx - Have you seen Flea in Back To The Future? Yes I did! 
10-xDELOREANx - Pepsi Free 
11-xDELOREANx - Stefanino Follow Us 
12-xDELOREANx - QxCxLxBx (feat. xPUCCIx) 
13-xDELOREANx - PxSxLx (Slaughter In The Vatican Cover) 
14-Corpse - 1978 
15-Corpse - Perfette prigioni 
16-Corpse - Comunicato n.1 
17-Corse - You’re wrong (Aerosol cover) 
18-Fracture - Numbers 
19-Fracture - Harder to break 
20-Fracture - Support your local policemen 
21-Fracture - New kids 
22-Burst Up - Abstract furies 
23-Burst Up - Bud Spencer 
24-Burst Up - Let's destroy us 
25-Burst Up - Total fraud
26-xKATExMOSHx - Better burnt 
27-xKATExMOSHx - Your life sucks and so you break my balls 
28-xKATExMOSHx - Just an observer 
29-xKATExMOSHx - Faith of fools 
30-xKATExMOSHx - Charged monkey 
31-Double Me - Becoming deaf 
32-Double Me - Justifying ignorance 
33-Double Me - Jules Bonnot tried to rise 
34-Stanley_Ipkiss - I (am bounded to) love live in the city 
35-Stanley_Ipkiss - True metal-heads deny punk-hardcore 
36-Stanley_Ipkiss - A psych-folk band steal Man Is The Bastard's logo 
37-Stanley_Ipkiss - Trash Talk are Rolling Stone's favorite powerviolence band 
38-Stanley_Ipkiss - Forced Extremism 
39-Extreme Vandamme Terror - Pound of flesh 
40-Extreme Vandamme Terror - Senza tregua
41-Repulsione - Maggio rosso sangue 
42-Repulsione - Vomero 
43-Humbaba - Come quando
44-Humbaba - Ammazzare il tempo
45-Humbaba - No title 
46-xHANSOLOx - Pressure of void
47-xHANSOLOx - Sycophantic Informer 
48-xHANSOLOx - The Pit of Sarlacc 
49-xHANSOLOx - Tortured 


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