lunedì 20 marzo 2017

a.a.v.v. - oh! dear summer (side a\b)

01-Cani Dei Portici - Cuore di Tenebra 
02-Vilma - Nomi 
03-Batièn - Oltremodo 
04-Amesua - Buio Pesto 
05-Lleroy - Pura Grazia 
06-Coxtola - Bambini Pt II 
07-Ubiquity - A Heritage of Wisdom and Suffering 
08-xOhxCristox - Il Sottoscala
09-Raze The Wall - Eterna Rovina 
10-Byproduct - Il Confronto 
11-CxIxB - Where we are Going we don't Need Roads 
12-Satanic Youth - It's Only Blood
13-Sumolovers - Dig Yo! 
14-Beeside - Summer Dreams 
15-High Sunn - Natural Instict 2 
16-Chow - Emerald Green 
17-Brave Young Years - Wasted Love 
18-Pussy Stomp - Super Slut 
19-Fujima - Fiction is in you 
20-WAARP – LFK Gnothi Seauton Remix 
21-I Against Me – Telematic Revolt 


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